The Wheel

Rules: Three members play a little time game. There is no real referee in this game, the winner is decided upon hard data - time. When the battle begins, one of the players posts first. Then shortly (or not so shortly) afterward, his opponent posts as well. Each player can use 20 posts (or less) in order to ensure a victory. One time point equals one hour. Usually, the one who wins this game should have no trouble earning at least 50 points, but it all depends on the actual amount you acquire and the place you took (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

Game lasts exactly 5 days, not a second less or more. Example of a short game:

Player 1 posts at 4:00 AM
Player 2 replies at 8:00AM
Player 1 replies at 9:00 AM
Player 3 replies at 1:00 PM
Player 2 replies at 7:00 PM
game ends at 9:00 PM

The time points in this game would thus be:

Player 1: 8 time points
Player 2: 3 time points
Player 3: 6 time points

Player 1 who placed 1st gets the same amount of time points acquired added to his/hers account= 8 points. Player 3 who placed 2nd gets 2/3 the points added to his account: 4. Player 2 who placed 3rd gets 1/3 the points he acquired = 1 point.
But this game lasts for 5 days, which means 120 hours = time points split among 3 players based on their place in the end. The winner will thus usually acquire around 50 points, 2nd place will get around 20 points and 3rd will get around 10 points, but it of course depends on how close the race is.

P.S. Try playing this game tactfully, it doesn't pay of to post every minute— but to maybe wait an hour or two after your opponent(s) posted to try to catch him off guard, then post and watch the points come pouring in since he's busy sleeping or something *g*

Points: Hours acquired during the game = points for the winner, 2/3 of hours acquired = points for the player placed 2nd and 1/3 of the hours acquired = points for the 3rd placed player.

Criteria: Length, quality, amount of posts has no relevance in this game, you win only if you manage to acquire more time points than your opponent. This game requires people to sign-up before they can play. Also, in order to prevent cheating, every post a player makes on The Wheel thread is counted as one of their 20 posts allowed.

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