Stasis Box

Here you shall find those members who decline to show their sorry butts around Shayol Ghul often enough to merit being considered active. You will only see Levels 2 and 3 members because Level 4 and above is considered Staff. Staff members who become inactive are replaced.

Level 1 are new members. If they decide not to post in SG anymore, they are simply purged and their records are not saved.

All active members are listed at Points Page!

Icon Name Rank $$$ Points Grayman Cour'Souvra
Black Ajah
bgrishinko Shaidar Sedai - 874 0 -
Niel an'Tyomn Darkfriend - 232 1 -
Maurelle Trolloc - 346 0 -
Starrik Myrddraal - 431 1 -
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