Shayol Ghul Hit List

Shayol Ghul Hit List:

Here is your opportunity to lure the right kind of people into SG. This will only be open to upper members (and once the lower levels find out about this, I think (hope) they will work even harder to make their way to this point).

Every person who has access to these boards will have two names. These will be members of DM that you think would make great members of SG. Now you don’t have to give out two names. You don’t have to give out any names if you don’t want to, it’s entirely up to you.

Now this will be our Hit List. These are the people we want in SG. So you will have the option of trying to recruit them. Once they have been recruited, and reach 2nd level, you will receive your Bounty. But there is a catch:

Guidelines for recruiting:
1. They can't realize you are trying to recruit them. (So no "I need you to join SG so I can get this bounty…do me a favor?)
2. It does no good to promise them points for joining, and then dump your points into their pool until they reach 50. Since the LF promotion system has changed, they are only promoted when the Faction Leaders think they've proven themselves.
3. Make it fun. Become their friend, cajole them into hanging out with us. Bring them to chat, get them into our games, join an Org they are in so you have something in common. Or you can send them a cryptic pm talking all about the wonders of Shayol Ghul.
4. If you do go the pm route, you can only send two pm's, otherwise it's harassing and you can get into trouble. Same goes with joining an Org they are in: Don't join an Org and post after every one of their posts saying you want them to check out SG (needless to say it breaks rule #1). We want these people to actually join us, not get so freaking annoyed they avoid us like the plague.
5. Only two people may claim a member at a time. This means if Demi and Twitch decide they want to work on a specific member, they can claim him together and split the Bounty if they are successful. Post in this thread to claim the Hit you want to work on.
6. You have 30 days from the day you claim them to get them to start posting on the Roll Call every month. If they don't post on the Roll Call by then, other members have the ability to bump your name off and try for themselves.
7. You can only be working on one member at a time. Once you finish that member (they start posting on Roll Call), you can claim someone else, though I suggest you keep tabs on your LF, since you only get the Bounty if they make it to 2nd Level.

The goal here is to recruit members in an elitist, selective way, and have fun doing so. In the books the Dark always managed to find the ones that were 'meant' to be evil, and seduced the ones that were walking the line. I think that SG should work in that way too, and not be spamming "join us!!" like other Orgs. We're too good for that.

The Shayol Ghul Bounty:
When these members have been successfully attached to SG, you will receive your Bounty. The Bounty points will vary, depending on the members you recruit. The higher the level you recruit for, the higher the Bounty will be.

Bounty for OL names: 250 points (will only be 2 members at any time)
Bounty for FL names: 200 points (will only be 6 members at any time)
Bounty for Chosen names: 150 points (will only be 6 members at any time)
Bounty for 4th level names: 100 points (will only be 18 members at any time)

As you can see, these are a lot of points, and a big deal. Since this is our chance to get people we want into SG, I wanted to make it ‘worth’ your efforts so to speak.

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