1. Name: Rey
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: Male
4. Birthday: 22/Jan
5. Location: UK
6. Member since: A while back.
7. Faction: Shadowspawn
8. Other Orgs: BT and WT these days.

9. Favorite Book: The Shadow Rising.
10. Favorite Character: Moridin.
11. Favorite Nation/Culture: Shienar.
12. Who killed Asmodean? Yo mama.
13. Favorite WOT Moment: Rand's trip to Rhuidean. And every time Rand/Perrin/Mat profess they know nothing about women, but the other two do.
14. Favorite Ajah: I'd personally like to slap just about every Aes Sedai in the books, with a few exceptions. But we'll go with Blue.
15. Favorite Ash'aman: Damer Flinn.

~Favorite Stuff~
16. Favorite Food: Too difficult. Colocassia taro soup with coriander and lamb would be pretty good right now.
17. Favorite Beverage: Water. Or Baileys. Or sugarcane juice (google it).
18. Favorite Musician: Too difficult, I have a wide taste in music. Hendrix is good, so is J.S. Bach.
19. Favorite Shows: Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Scrubs, Diagnosis Murder, How I Met Your Mother, Top Gear.
20. Favorite video games: Too many.
21. Favorite Artist: Meh.
22. Favorite gaming console: SNES/N64/GB
23. Favorite color: The color of the ocean after a storm.
24. Favorite gem: I'll take any I can get heh.
25. Favorite season: Summer
26. Favorite musical genre: Classical/Funk/Hymnology
27. Favorite book: "Great Expectations" by Dickens.
28. Favorite person: Man is an island.
29. Favorite mythical creature: Meh. Let's go with Koopa.
30. Favorite Holiday: Summer holidays.
31. Favorite super hero: Batman.
32. Favorite movie: The Sting is a great film.
33. Favorite quote: "Do not rejoice over me my enemy, when I fall I will arise, when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me" (Micah 7:8)
34. Favorite childhood memory: Hours and hours of SNES gaming with my bro.
35. Favorite thing about the opposite gender: Heh. Let's say the fickle nature of their reasoning.

~Are you…~
36. A jealous person: Not often.
37. Religious: Yes.
38. A lover or a fighter: A fighter with a romantic view of myself.
39. Stubborn: Yes.
40. Talented: I guess so.
41. Naked right now: You wish.
42. An optimist or a pessimist: Varies with my mood.
43. Liberal or Conservative: Conservative.

~Personal Stuff~
44. How many siblings: 2.
45. Married/Single/In a relationship: In an open relationship with myself.
46. Favorite thing about yourself: My contemplative nature.
47. Something you would change about yourself: My vision.
48. Political Party? Not really into politics, but more conservative.
49. Do you have any pets: No.
50. Do you support any causes: Many.
51. Favorite sport & team(player): Tennis, Djokovic.

~New Stuff~
52. Favorite word to say: Perchance.
53. Favorite composer: Depends on mood, but you can never go wrong with J.S. Bach.
54. Hiking or swimming? I like both.
55. Verbal or Ed? They're both pretty ugly.
56. Pandy or Barm? Neither.
57. Favorite comic superhero? Batman.
58. Favorite person to tease at DM? You know who you are.

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