Level 1 (0-100) Lightful

Upon joining Shayol Ghul, you begin as a Lightful. You will be watched at your attempt to become evil, so that you can be placed into the suitable Faction. After reaching 100 points, a faction will be offered. If you decline that faction, you must work to prove your worth to the group that you desire to join.

Level 2 (100-399) Shaidar Shaiel Darkfriend Trolloc

At Level 2, you have gained access to your Faction and the Private Board. You can now participate in claiming for the Cookpot, being the Nae'blis, and even having a Cour'Souvra Bond. Any shifting factions from this point on will incur a point penalty.

Level 3 (400+) Shaidar Sedai Dreadlord Myrddraal

The highest rank of Member without reaching staff. To attain this rank, you must have at least 400 points. This is much like Rank 2, except that it comes with a new title, to lord over everyone else.

Level 5 Chosen

The second level of Shayol Ghul Staff. The Chosen are selected by their Faction Leaders to be second in command and assist with anything needed. Every Chosen, like their Faction Leader, has a project that they are responsible to maintain for the Dark One. All Chosen are given a 200 point allowance.

Level 6 Faction Leaders

The Faction Leaders are the Senior staff of Shayol Ghul. These members are handpicked by the Social Group Leader to run and maintain their faction. Each leader also assists the SGL in developing the group and monitoring all activity. All of the leaders have a project that they tend to, in the name of the Dark One.

The Dark One

The Great Master or Mistress, whom we shall all serve until our death and final destruction. This is the Social Group Leader, that Moderates all activities within the group and reports to the Admin about our movements. Please them, or face their wrath.

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