Obtaining Points:

Points can be obtained in many ways.

1.  Being Active: Nothing can get you points faster than being active.  Start a new thread, tell jokes, stab a few people… just being active will earn you points easily from those Level 4 and higher.

2. Participate in the Nae'Blis Thread: Every month we feature a Nae'Blis. The Nae'Blis has the ability to give out points on this thread, to those who worship him/her properly. Flatter the Nae'Blis Information

3. Play games in Thakandar: SG has a wide range of games, and there are always two games being played at any time. One of these is a Mafia game, and the other is an Activity listed on this wiki. Thakandar Here

4. Grayman Tasks: In Thakandar, you can view which Grayman tasks are currently active. Grayman tasks are covert ops that you can do to earn levels and points. Each time you complete a task, you must post on that thread which task you did, and post a link to prove it. Upon Mod approval, you will earn a new rank and points. Tasks are Listed Here.

5. Links/Cookpots: By linking yourself with another member, you can earn 50 points when they become Level 2. This bond is dissolved should one of the two become inactive. Sign Up Here.

6. Roll Call: Signing in on the roll call for each month awards you five points.

Losing Points:

Points can be taken away for the following things:
1. Breaking any of the rules of SG.
2. Breaking rules of DM that result in SG Staff getting reamed by the bigwigs.
3. Being disrespectful to others to warrant a warning on his/hers behavior… this happens very rarely, and only someone of 5th level or higher can make this call.
4. Changing Factions. You have the ability to change Factions. Doing so will require you to send a private message to the Faction Leader you wish to switch to and being accepted, and losing 100 points.
5. Being inactive.

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