1. Name: Nurit
2. Age: 26
3. Gender: Female
4. Birthday: June 18th.
5. Location: Israel
6. Member since: 2001
7. Faction: Shadowspawn
8. Other Orgs: White Tower, Black Tower, The Kin.

9. Favorite Book: The Shadow Rising
10. Favorite Character: Nynaeve
11. Favorite Nation/Culture: Don't have one.
12. Who killed Asmodean? I did.
13. Favorite WOT Moment: When Nynaeve breaks her block.
14. Favorite Ajah: Yellow
15. Favorite Ash'aman: Logain.

~Favorite Stuff~
16. Favorite Food: French fries.
17. Favorite Beverage: Apple Sappe.
18. Favorite Musician: No one in particular.
19. Favorite Shows: Buffy, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Castle, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Fringe.
20. Favorite video game: Neverwinter's Night.
21. Favorite Artist: No one in particular.
22. Favorite gaming console: Don't really meddle with that.
23. Favorite color: Black.
24. Favorite gem: Pearl.
25. Favorite season: Winter.
26. Favorite musical genre: Metal/Rock.
27. Favorite book: WoT!
28. Favorite person: My best friend, Vera.
29. Favorite mythical creature: Dragon
30. Favorite Holiday: Passover (longest vacation :P).
31. Favorite super hero: Batman
32. Favorite movie: Serenity.
33. Favorite quote: "Sir, you can either hold it or wear it."
34. Favorite childhood memory: No comment lol
35. Favorite thing about the opposite gender: That they ARE of the opposite gender!

~Are you…~
36. A jealous person: Yep.
37. Religious: Nope.
38. A lover or a fighter: Depends what day it is.
39. Stubborn: Yep.
40. Talented: In some areas.
41. Naked right now: Nope.
42. An optimist or a pessimist: Pessimist till the BITTER end.
43. Liberal or Conservative: Liberal.

~Personal Stuff~
44. How many siblings: Two too many.
45. Married/Single/In a relationship: Single.
46. Favorite thing about yourself: My hair.
47. Something you would change about yourself: My weight.
48. Political Party? : Heh. Good one.
49. Do you have any pets: Yes. A blond dog.
50. Do you support any causes: I'm against animal cruelty :P
51. Favorite sport & team(player): Don't do/watch sports.

~New Stuff~
52. Favorite word to say: Douche.
53. Favorite composer: None that comes to mind.
54. Hiking or swimming? Swimming.
55. Verbal or Ed? Verbal. Always Verbal.
56. Pandy or Barm? Neither.
57. Favorite person to tease at DM? Too many to name.

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