Monthly Nae'blis


February: al’Leif (Dreadlords)
March: al’Leif (Dreadlords)

April: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
June: Pumonca, TinaHel, and Elaevia (Shadowspawn and Black Ajah)
July: ReleaseTheEvil (Dreadlords)
September: Leelou (Shadowspawn)

January: Basel Gill (Black Ajah)
February: Verbal (Shadowspawn)
March: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
April: Hallia (Dreadlord)
Aug: RandA lThor (Shadowspawn)
Sep: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
Dec: Hallia (Dreadlords)

January: Moon Sedai (Black Ajah)
February: Katiora (Shadowspawn)
March: Naeann (Black Ajah)
April: Naeann (Black Ajah)
May: Cindy (Black Ajah)
June: Maurelle (Shadowspawn)
July: Panchi (Black Ajah)
August: cindy (Black Ajah)
September: lonewolfshifter (Shadowspawn)
October: Cindy (Black Ajah)
November: Despothera (Black Ajah)
December: Basel Gill (Black Ajah)

January: Bgrishinko (Black Ajah)
February: Christine (Dreadlords)
March: Christine (Dreadlords)
April: Eternal Phoenix (Black Ajah)
May: Christine (Dreadlords)
June: Leelou (Shadowspawn)
July: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
August: RandA lThor (Shadowspawn)
September: RandA lThor (Shadowspawn)
October: RandA lThor (Shadowspawn)
November: RandA lThor (Shadowspawn)
December: WildTaltos (Lightful)

January: Moghedian (Dreadlords)
February: Dapianoplay3r (Dreadlords)
March: ineedfourberfs (Shadowspawn)
April: Christine (Dreadlords)
May: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
June: Blackhoof (Dreadlords)
July: Amadine (Dreadlords)
August: Cindy (Black Ajah)
September: Despothera (Black Ajah)
October: Cindy (Black Ajah)
November: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
December: Haxorsist (Black Ajah)

January: Kathana Trevalaer/ Moghedian (Dreadlords)
February: Chronocross (Shadowspawn)
March: Kivam (Black Ajah)
April: Kivam (Black Ajah)
May: Naeann (Black Ajah)
June: Ed2funy (Dreadlords)
July: Little Miss (Shadowspawn)
August: LilyElizabeth (Shadowspawn)
September: Moghedian (Dreadlords)
October: Krakalakachkn (Dreadlords)
November: Adella (Dreadlords)
December: Aust (Shadowspawn)

January: Raeyn (Black Ajah)
February: Barmacral (Black Ajah)
March: Poledra (Shadowspawn)
April: ChronocrosS (Shadowspawn)
May: Naeann (Black Ajah)
June: Talya (Dreadlords)
July: Barmacral (Black Ajah)
August: ChronoCross (Shadowspawn)
September: Barmacral (Black Ajah)
October: Talya (Dreadlords)
November: Moghedian (Dreadlords)
December: DaeDracos (Shadowspawn)

January: Roka
February: Jelly (Dreadlords)
March: Badcompany (Dreadlords)
April: Dsage (Shadowspawn)
May: Moghedian (Dreadlords)
June: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
July: Badcompany (Dreadlords)
August: TheMasterDude (Dreadlords)
September: Demigod (Shadowspawn)
October: Eclipse0 (Dreadlords)
November: Barmacral (Black Ajah)
December: Talya (Dreadlords)

January: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
February: HotWMoiraine (Black Ajah)
March: Far Dareis Mai (Black Ajah)
April: Twitch (Shadowspawn)
May: Twitch (Shadowspawn)
June: Matrimix (Dreadlords)
July: Twitch (Shadowspawn)
August: Teilyen (Dreadlords)
September: Roxinos (Dreadlords)
October: HotWMoiraine (Black Ajah)
November: Twitch (Shadowspawn)
December: HotWMoiraine (Black Ajah)

January: Demigod (Shadowspawn)
February: Hierophant (Dreadlords)
March: Kelly Sedai (Shadowspawn)
April: TheMasterDude (Dreadlords)
May: LordDaeminDracos (Dreadlords)
June: Demigod (Shadowspawn)
July: Roxinos (Dreadlords)
August: Canukistani (Shadowspawn)
September: Gerrendus (Dreadlords)
October: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)
November: HotWMoiraine (Black Ajah)
December: Teilyen (Dreadlords)

January: Canukistani (Shadowspawn)
February: CosmicPanda (Black Ajah)
March: Doe (Shadowspawn)
April: Madjordanfan (Black Ajah)
May: Noggy (Shadowspawn)
June: Mightelove (Shadowspawn)
July: Matrimix (Dreadlord)
August: Tayol (Black Ajah)
September: Ubel Blume (Black Ajah)
October: Darlantan (Dreadlord)
November: Pumonca (Shadowspawn)
December: Nynaeve (Shadowspawn)

February: BlackFacade (Black Ajah)
March: Ishmaellives (Dreadlord)
April: ShadowRaven (Black Ajah)
May: Taim4Naeblis (Dreadlord)
June: Roxinos (Dreadlord)
July: Matrimix (Dreadlord)
August: Saidintrue (Dreadlord)
September: Wandering Soul
October: Madjordanfan (Black Ajah)
November: Sebulba (Shadowspawn)
December: Chillimous (Black Ajah)

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