Mortal Combat

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Rules: Challenge each other on a duel and finally see who is better!

To win, you have to do enough damage to your opponent to drive his Hit Points to 0 (HP = 500 for everyone unless specified otherwise by the GameMaster). The game cannot last more than a week, if no one is defeated by then, the game is over with no winners. You can reply to each other as fast as you want, but if Player 1 doesn't reply in 12 hours, Player 2 gets to attack again with a 50% bonus (this ensures someone doesn't quit from the game when it seems like they're losing). It is also possible for more members to play this; read below for further info on this. Also note, the faster you reply, the more damage you do. You have 4 options: Reply in less then 2 hours (you do 50% more damage than normal), Reply in less then 6 hours (you do 25% more damage than normal), Regular reply in a space of 12 hours (you do normal damage) and if it takes you longer then 12 hours to reply, you do 25% less damage than normal while also risking the chance that your opponent makes his second strike before you manage to complete your first! So try to retaliate in under 12 hours unless you wish to allow your opponent two hits for your one *g*.

This game can be initiated two ways:

1. A Game Master starts a sign up (Game Master also has access to the e-mail account where your scores are sent). This way, there are no limits on how many people can play, but the GM is required to make roughly equally powerful teams.

2. You challenge someone and they respond to your challenge.

How to play this game: We will be using a dice roller located Here, so this is kind of like an RPG game.

Here is an example of a Darkfriend named John and how his various accomplishments in the ORG (like acquiring Gray Man levels and winning games) contribute to the amount of damage he can do to his opponent every attack. This is based on the roller, so, open the roller and you'll see where this info is actually used:
Name = John - you include your DM/SG membership handle so the Game Master knows who made the attack (rolled the dice).
Rank = Darkfriend - rank is very important, for it defines your minmum and maximum damage you can make on each attack.
Gray Man level = 1st level - depending on your level as a Gray Man (Lady), you get an increase off your maximum damage per attack. Each level adds +1 to maximum damage.
Number of wins on main games = 2 - Main games are: "The Wheel", "Mating Dance" and "Deatmatch". If you won one Deatmatch and one Mating Dance, then you have 2 wins and thus you check the appropriate number, which is "2" in this case.
Carefull! Allways make sure the wins you achieved are listed next to your membership name in the achievements box or else they wont count and you'll be branded a cheater if you count them in here!
Darkhound level = 0 — depending on your level as a Darkhound, you get an increase off your minimum damage per attack. Each level adds +1 to minimum damage.
Your Points = 146 - Since our Darkfriend has 146 points, he will chose the first and default option, which is "0-499 (1 die)" because quite simply, his points fall into the range of points between 0 and 199. The more points you have, the more dies are thrown for you on each roll, the bigger the chances for higher rolls!
Reaction time = First attack only or Reply after more then 12 hours (25% less damage)
- When you are the first to attack, you allways use the default option, which is "First attack only or Reply after more then 12 hours (25% less damage)". After this, you select an option that is appropriate based on how much time passed between your opponents attack and the attack you're currently initiating.
Your Opponents name = Taimy - You are only required to fill this field when there are more then 2 opponents.
Your Opponents e-mail = moc.liame|ymiaT#moc.liame|ymiaT - If you include your opponents e-mail, they will receive (in their mailbox) the stats you filled in on the roller and the results of the roll. This is optional unless otherwise specified, since the GM allways get's all the stats and results of your rolls automatically.

So, now that John knows all his stats, he fills them in on our form and posts the amount of damage he did on the boards. The amount of damage he does takes away the same number of life energy of the opponent.

The die roller is located on the Die Rollers page.

You may check what you or your opponent rolled at anytime by going to this link:


Points: Points vary on what version of the game you're playing, so Game Masters will have some control over this, but the basis for personal challenges is this.

1. If you win, you receive points according to this formula:
"20 points + your rank level * 3".

2. If you lose, you lose points according to this formula:
"your rank level" * 2

Whole events however will supply a reward for the team that wins and the award will then be split (according to ranks) among the members of the winning team, while the losers will lose points using a similar formula to that used in personal duels.
You cannot play with the same person more than once in a row.

Included is the Rank based damage rating for this game:

Rank Minimum Damage Maximum Damage
Lightfool 10 50
Darkfriend 11 55
Trolloc 11 55
Shaidar Shaiel 11 55
Dreadlord 12 60
Myrddraal 12 60
Shaidar Sedai 12 60
Deathlord 13 65
Gholam 13 65
Tai Shaidar Sedai 13 65
Chosen 14 70
Nae'blis 15 75
Shaidar Haran 15 75
Sur'Shaidar 15 75
The Dark One 16 80

Those are the damage attack ratings without any additional modifiers.
For any Gray Man level, your maximum damage increase by +1
For all the wins on the main games (Deatmatch, The Wheel, Mating dance) combined, your minimum and maximum damage both increase by +2.
You can even go beyond the maximum with the speed factor, depending on how fast you reply, you can do 150% of your rolled damage (if reply comes in less then 2 hours), 125% of your rolled damage (if reply comes in less then 6 hours), 100% damage if you reply before 12 hours run out and 75% damage if you're reply took more then 12 hours (at which point, you run the risk of your oponent striking again with a 150% damage factor). Also, take note, the more points you got, the bigger the chance for high rolls as the roller automatically casts more dice.

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