Mating Dance

Rules: A Game Master posts some lyrics and whenever the mood strikes him, he will STOP THE MUSIC. Once that happens, you have to sit down, but do it quickly because there's always one chair less than there are dancers. The first one out (the one that posted last and was thus left without a chair) gets his/her head chopped off.

Then, the music starts again and the dancing continues… until the Game Master decides to stop playing, then the process of finding your seat repeats itself. Finding a seat is easy, all you need do is post that you're sitting. If there's still chairs left, you will be safe.

1st place: 30 points
2nd place: 20 points
3rd place: 15 points
4th place: 10 points
5th place: 5 points

*if you're the first one out, you don't get any points, even if there are only 5 or less dancers on the floor.

Criteria: Unless you're a Game Master, all you need do is react fast enough when the Game Master posts that the music has stopped. You are however invited to comment on the Game Master's choice of lyrics and maybe dance with other dancers :). This game requires sign-ups.

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