1. Name: Lily
2. Age: A lady never tells
3. Gender: Utterly female
4. Birthday: May 17th
5. Location: Arizona
6. Member since: June 2009
7. Faction: Black Ajah, baby!
8. Other Orgs: WT, ACW, Aiel, Ogier

9. Favorite Book: I’ve only read three
10. Favorite Character: So far, Lan
11. Favorite Nation/Culture: Don’t have one
12. Who killed Asmodean? I did, of course
13. Favorite WOT Moment: When the story gets better?
14. Favorite Ajah: Black
15. Favorite Ash'aman: Haven’t read that far

~Favorite Stuff~
16. Favorite Food: Sauteed onions
17. Favorite Beverage: Jameson. Also Pepsi.
18. Favorite Musician: Lady Antebellum is my favorite group. Does that count?
19. Favorite Shows: Castle, Body of Proof, the Bachelor
20. Favorite video game: I don’t play, but I’ll watch you play.
21. Favorite Artist: Jessica Galbreth
22. Favorite gaming console: Again, I don’t play
23. Favorite color: Hunter green
24. Favorite gem: Amethyst
25. Favorite season: Summer
26. Favorite musical genre: Country and Classic Rock
27. Favorite book: The book isn’t out yet, but my favorite author is Miles Boothe
28. Favorite person: My sister, Min
29. Favorite mythical creature: Unicorns
30. Favorite Holiday: Beltane
31. Favorite super hero: Spidey
32. Favorite movie: The Holiday
33. Favorite quote: Too many to list
34. Favorite childhood memory: Was I a child? I don’t remember.
35. Favorite thing about the opposite gender: This site is PG-13, right? Okay, then it’s gotta be chest hair.

~Are you…~
36. A jealous person: no
37. Religious: I guess you could say that. I have strong beliefs and hate the term “religion.”
38. A lover or a fighter: Both
39. Stubborn: Absolutely
40. Talented: Of course
41. Naked right now: Nearly
42. An optimist or a pessimist: Sometimes one, sometimes the other
43. Liberal or Conservative: Liberal

~Personal Stuff~
44. How many siblings: RL, or those I claim. I claim Min.
45. Married/Single/In a relationship: Starting a relationship
46. Favorite thing about yourself: The way I accept people for who they are and don’t waste my time and theirs wishing they’d change.
47. Something you would change about yourself: Wow! That’s a tough one. I’m pretty content with who I am.
48. Political Party? : Democrat
49. Do you have any pets: Yep. 4 cats and “my daughter’s” puppy
50. Do you support any causes: Not really
51. Favorite sport & team(player): Hockey, when I can find time

~New Stuff~
52. Favorite word to say: It’s not PG-13, but I say it a lot.
53. Favorite composer: Pandy?
54. Hiking or swimming? both
55. Verbal or Ed? Depends on the day
56. Pandy or Barm? Both and neither
57. Favorite person to tease at DM? Everybody, but usually Ed.

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