Group Rules

1. You must keep language to PG-13. (This is also a DM rule, so please keep to it).

2. @ Staff: No modding another person's post unless absolutely necessary.

3. No posting anything inappropriate outside of DM's guidelines.

4. Do not spam stickies, unless you are told by the person creating the sticky that you can.

5. Behavior that crosses the lines of SG—it's a very far off line in the distance, but you can cross it, so watch it.

6. If someone 5th level or higher is trying to enforce a rule, listen to them. They are just doing part of their jobs. If you have an issue with the rule itself, you need to take it up with the Dark One via pm.

7. Faction Leaders reserve the right to set up rules within their Faction boards that must be followed. Please note that failure to comply with those rules will result in consequences designated by your Faction Leader. You are obligated to follow the rules of DM on all boards.

Note: These rules are in addition to the rules of DM, which you are obligated to follow while on this website.

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