Flatter the Nae'Blis


Every month the member who earns the most points gets to be called The Nae'Blis. The N'B allows for easy point accumulation by hosting a special thread where you suck up to him or her :). The better and more fluent your flattery is (If you are having trouble finding things to flatter in a dark entity, you can concentrate on the member instead) the better you can score. This occurs from the 15th til the end of the month (the thread will be stickied) and you have a chance of winning a max of 30 points (each flattery can get a maximum of 5 points, so either make 6 really good posts or 30 really bad ones. The Nae'Blis is also allowed to deduct the points (from the n'b points) he has given away in the thread, should you prove to annoy and/or displease him/her. His thread, his rules.

If the Nae'Blis Thread reaches 2 total pages before the month ends, he/she will receive 50 points. If it doesn't reach 2 pages, no points.
To be Nae'Blis you must be a member of a faction.

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