The Factions


Faction Leader: Dar'Jen Ab Owain
Chosen: Elaevia

We pride ourselves on being a mature non spammish faction. We know how to have fun without clogging up the boards with mindless drivel. The Black Ajah is the subversive faction, indulging in dry humor and clever shenanigans. We are the superior of the three factions, and won’t hesitate to let people know that. We have, historically, had a taste for tea and light S&M, accompanied by red ribbons. And then, of course, there is the Black Ajah secret, known only to a few of its members. There are not many rules for us here.. this is, after all, Shayol Ghul. We are evil.


Faction Leader: Cross
Chosen: Ryrin

We want a refined, sophisticated evil (we want to be the ELITE elitist bastards so to speak). We will manipulate those we can, torture those who will come to our side given the right force, and kill all those whom the first two will not work on (but we torture them anyways for fun). We are the individuals bordering on insanity who will stop at nothing to achieve our goals however we are still intelligent enough to recognize the best way to use people and convert them to our cause. At the Dreadlords, we strive to provide quality stabbing services with our own manufactured knives. Boiled in the hottest lava from Shayol Ghul itself, and crafted from Aes Sedai Bone Molds, these knives are sure to be a killer at your next Clue party! While we are outwardly evil, we are a family that has it's bond in blood. Blood usually spilled by each other. We call it "therapy", to give you that spring in your step, and that thrust behind your knife. Besides, we don't have insurance that will cover getting you professional help.


Faction Leader: Verbal
Chosen: Nynaeve

Hailing for the most part from the Great Blight, these warriors are the most loyal, effective, and trusted instruments of the Great Lord's will. As Shaidar Haran is the hand of the Shadow, the rest of the Shadowspawn are the Great Lord's brawny arm. While the human factions in their hubris and complacency sip effeminate beverages and maneuver for perceived advantage, the Shadowspawn directly advance the Great Lord's many stratagems all while guzzling down the fresh, warm blood of servants of the light. Need some insolent Borderlanders slaughtered? Put some trollocs on it. Did they offer more resistance than expected? No matter, send another fist or four with Myrdraal commanding. Or perhaps you want to thin the numbers of those pesky Aes Sedai… Unleash the gholam. Dissension amongst the Chosen? Put the fear of the Great Lord into them with a visit from Shaidar Haran.. If you need something killed dead without squabbling or betrayal, the Shadowspawn's your faction.

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