Rules: Two fighters enter the ring without any weapons (to start with anyway) with only a referee to keep things civil. The fight resembles an RP fight, with one difference… it only starts small, but it can end up on the moon…. literally. Each player gets 5 posts to destroy the other. The referee calls the winner. Referees can be bribed, however they don't come cheap.
Referees must be approved by BOTH combatants, and should not be bond to either combatant.

Points: 40% of all bets takings or a set minimum of 40 points for both fighters together, whichever option gains them more points, that option is used. Then they split the winnings (either 40% of bets or 40 points) using this formula: 70% for the winner and 30% for the not-winner (so, 28 points for the winner and 12 for the looser for a minimum sum of 40 points).

Criteria: Quality of writing - amusement - originality are the things that help win a fight here, all 3 criteria are equal in importance. We appreciate at least some level of realism, though no point in overdoing it :). Try and follow up from where your opponent left you/ended up in his/hers previous post, if nothing else, it gives you amusement factor.

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