Darkhound Jack

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Rules: Ever play BlackJack in a casino? Well, this is quite similar, the only differences being that we use dice instead of cards and if you hit the DarkhoundJack (21), you get an increase in Darkhound level as well as automatically win a hand/round of course!

There is no work for the GM in this, he just has to approve a game between 3 players and intervene if anything goes bad, else players can finish this game on their own. Whatever each player rolls can be verified on this link:


How the game is played:
Your goal every round (there's 3 rounds to win per game) is to roll enough to get a 21, or at least, closer to it then the rest of your opponents. The die has 11 sides, so on each roll you can get anything between 1 and 11. You can roll as often as you like until you think your score wont be beaten by another, but if the sum you rolled exceeds 21 at anytime, you loose that round automatically. If the sum is exactly 21, you win the round automatically, otherwise, the one member that came closest to number 21, without exceeding it, wins the hand. You cannot roll more then once in a row, you have to wait for your opponents to roll as well before you can roll again. Likewise, once you decide that you're not going to push your luck anymore and stop rolling (say you got 19, which is a decent score and might get you a win), you can inform others of this once they completed their current roll. Your opponents can then continue rolling if they wish, while you can just sit, wait and hope no one beats your score by the time they're done. Should you hit the Dark(hound)Jack (get exactly 21), you also gain a DH level on top of winning the round! Along with hitting DarkhoundJack, another way to automatically win a round is by rolling 6 times and still having less then 21.

To win the game, you must either win 3 rounds, or have more wins then your opponents after the 5th round is is over. If there is still no overall winner after the 5th round, the best two players play an additional round until one emerges victorious.

The die roller is located on the Die Rollers page.

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