Cour'Souvra Bonding


Here in Shayol Ghul we have a unique bond. It is available to members of SG who are second level or higher. It is special because you can only have one cour’souvra bond. You need to be sure you want to be bonded to this person for life, because it can’t be undone (Unless the person dies or leaves DM permanently or something else of that sort.) It is a mindtrap bond, meaning that you carry a bit of each other’s souls. It is not a bond to take lightly.

In order to become worthy of this bond, you must undergo tasks to prove your loyalty and devotion to one another. They will be difficult, as they are meant to be. You are applying to be literal soulmates, bound for life.

If you have found that person that you want to give part of your soul to, and accept theirs, PM the Social Group Leader or the leader of your Faction and they will get things started for you. The bonding process takes a long time – sometimes several months – as anything this serious should.

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