Rules: A Game Master picks any character from the books as long as that character has a name (or surname) and said at least one word in the series. Then that character's name is PMed (or mailed) to me and at the same time, the game is posted on the boards.

Every member of the SG Org can ask as many questions as they want as long as they don't ask twice in a row (meaning, wait for someone else to ask a question as well (or the Game Master to reply), before you ask again). It is generally advised not to ask too many questions before you get answers from the Game Master; that way it is easier to guess and ask the right questions if you have more data to go on. Players are allowed as many questions or guesses as they need to discover the hidden character's name, but the longer it takes, the less points each correct guess brings.

Things that wont be answered:
-The name of the character (duh!)
-Location (just a general hint on the whereabouts, like: West of Cairhien (=Andor, Arad Doman,…) or North of Illian (=Andor, Arafel, Blight,…)), unless the character is really hard to guess, then the Game Master can be more specific.
-No naming of specific chapters the character is in, but naming of books the character is in is allowed.

4 points for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 1st page.
3 points for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 2nd page.
2 point for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 3rd page or pages following.

Player who guessed the characters name is awarded an additional 15 points.

Mods get 25 points for running the game.

Criteria: You do not need to sign up for this game, unless you want to be the one that picks the character and then answers the questions.

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