Every month, a photo of some amusement is given to each Faction. The Factions then come up with the funniest Caption they can for the image. The Social Group then comes together later in the month to vote on which Caption is the funniest.

Photos can be submitted by Fuls to the Dreadlord Chosen for Points.

2012 CapFac Winners



1. The Black Ajah's milkshake brought all the trollocs to the yard.
2. "Steady now men, my point-slut detector is reading off the charts over there…"
3. Jason got fed up with Red Eagle and decided to do his own WoT movie.

Winner: #3 - Barmacral and the Black Ajah



1. There was a spider! It was huge!
2. Remember, the safe word is Chihuahua.
3. Stripes are in!? Quick, hide me! Prada is coming!

Winner: #1 - Barmacral and the Black Ajah



1. "When I came home, there was a man in my house. I fought with this man. He had a mechanical arm. You find this man. You find this man."
2. "OMG someone call the police. Eddie's learned how to clone himself. We'll be over run before we know it."
3. "The Dreadlords demonstrate secret mating rituals to the lightfuls in order to gain more members."

Winner: #3 - Ahmoondah and the Black Ajah



1. "Something something…lady marmalade…something something. Zero fashion sense. Something."
2. "We are family! I got all my (mumbled cough) with me!"
3. "A beautiful Trolloc with exquisite horns chases 4 Black Ajah wenches in their Sunday best… Shayol Ghul MUST have frozen over."

Winner: #3 - Eddie and the Dreadlords

CapFans from 2011

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