Assassin's Game

The GM first does a sign up. The first 3 to sign up gets to be the assassins. The GM then picks 3 SG members that he wants to assassinate. The assassins are there to do the job for him. But the GM is nasty so he gives only clues about who the targets are.

The job of the assassins is to figure out who the victims are and then kill them. They have 3 freebie attempts..meaning they have three chances to kill the wrong person. After the 3rd wrong kill they are out of the game.

The GM also provides three rounds of clues. The first round will have the most cryptic clues. The 2nd round will have somewhat easier and the 3rd round will be really easy so the targets are killed off.

Now, the clues: They will be based completely on what the target has posted previously on SG boards. So RL here has no significance. For example, say Roka is the target. And on a post in SG he mentioned that he likes Sebulba's hairstyle (doesn't matter if it was sarcastic..what he says is what counts ). So the clue may go something like this:
Target number 1 has a fetish for Fade hair.

The kills: Assassins can kill only on a thread that the target has posted on. It does not have to be right after the target, however. To make the kills more humorous and something other than "I stab Roka", the most humorous kill gets a bonus of 10 points. Also, more than one assassin can kill the same target to get points. So you dont have to be the first one to kill the target to get the points.

Points: The GM does the most work he gets 25 points.

Assassins: Correct kills after the first round of clues gets them 15 points each. So there's a possibility of 45 points if you get em all in the first round. After second round 10 points each for each correct kill. After 3rd round 5 points each. Bonus 10 points for the most humorous kill.

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