1. Name: Ama
2. Age: 34
3. Gender: Female
4. Birthday: 5 march
5. Location: Grafton, Australia
6. Member since: January 2010
7. Faction: Dreadlords
8. Other Orgs: White Tower, AWC Guild, RP

9. Favorite Book: The Dragon Reborn
10. Favorite Character:Nynaeve
11. Favorite Nation/Culture: Saldaea
12. Who killed Asmodean? *rolleyes* verah old quiz questions LOL we all know Graendal did
13. Favorite WOT Moment: Lan saving Nynaeve in Ebou Dar
14. Favorite Ajah: Books: Blue, DM: Red
15. Favorite Ash'aman: Narishma

~Favorite Stuff~
16. Favorite Food: Chocolate
17. Favorite Beverage: Coffee/Diet Coke
18. Favorite Musician: too many to name
19. Favorite Shows: CSI, Person of Interest, The Mentalist
20. Favorite video game: Diamond Dash (FB game)
21. Favorite Artist: Ariel Burgess
22. Favorite gaming console: Facebook
23. Favorite color: Purple
24. Favorite gem: Amethyst
25. Favorite season: Autumn
26. Favorite musical genre: Top 40
27. Favorite book: WoT
28. Favorite person: Hubby & the kids
29. Favorite mythical creature: Dragon
30. Favorite Holiday: Kid-free on the Gold Coast
31. Favorite super hero: Hannock
32. Favorite movie: Fast and the Furious - all of them
33. Favorite quote: What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger
34. Favorite childhood memory: Holidays at my grandparents beachhouse
35. Favorite thing about the opposite gender: nice arms

~Are you…~
36. A jealous person: moderately
37. Religious: mixture
38. A lover or a fighter: depends on the situation
39. Stubborn: yes
40. Talented: so i am told
41. Naked right now: nope… got my jammies on
42. An optimist or a pessimist: optimist
43. Liberal or Conservative:conservative liberal

~Personal Stuff~
44. How many siblings: 2 full blood, 4 steps
45. Married/Single/In a relationship: married (1998)
46. Favorite thing about yourself: compassion
47. Something you would change about yourself: weight
48. Political Party? : none they are all liars
49. Do you have any pets: 2 dogs & a budgie
50. Do you support any causes: SIDS & Kids
51. Favorite sport & team(player): NRL - Gold Coast Titans

~New Stuff~
52. Favorite word to say: FUCK!
53. Favorite composer: *shrugs*
54. Hiking or swimming? neither
55. Verbal or Ed? ED! *grins*
56. Pandy or Barm? Pandy, Barm smells…
57. Favorite person to tease at DM? Verb

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