[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~General~
1. Name: Debra
2. Age: 30[/background]
[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]3. Gender: Female
4. Birthday: November 9th
5. Location: Melbourne, Australia
6. Member since: 2005 or 2006 (?)
7. Faction: Black Ajah
8. Other Orgs: Wolfkin, White Tower, Aiel[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~WOT~
9. Favorite Book: all
10. Favorite Character: Liandrin
11. Favorite Nation/Culture: Cairhien
12. Who killed Asmodean? Bela.
13. Favorite WOT Moment: Dumai's Wells
14. Favorite Ajah: Black.
15. Favorite Ash'aman: Logain[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~Favorite Stuff~
16. Favorite Food: Salmon Sushi
17. Favorite Beverage: Merlot
18. Favorite Musician: Amanda Palmer
19. Favorite Shows: Battlestar Galactica
20. Favorite video game: God of War
21. Favorite Artist: Lily Mae Martin
22. Favorite gaming console: PS3
23. Favorite color: Green
24. Favorite gem: Emerald
25. Favorite season: Spring
26. Favorite musical genre: Metal
27. Favorite book: Daughter of the Empire
28. Favorite person: My sister Lisa
29. Favorite mythical creature: Dragon
30. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
31. Favorite super hero: Spiderpig
32. Favorite movie: The Crow
33. Favorite quote: [/background] Nobody tells deejay request what to play. Let them tell you what to play, they lose respect for you. They lose respect for you, you lose control. Not today… (DeeJay 'The Goods: live Hard, Sell Hard')
[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]34. Favorite childhood memory: My uncle giving me my Fraggle toy.
35. Favorite thing about the opposite gender: Lots of things.[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~Are you…~
36. A jealous person: No
37. Religious: Absolutely not.
38. A lover or a fighter: Both.
39. Stubborn: Yes.
40. Talented: No.
41. Naked right now: No *sigh* there are children present.
42. An optimist or a pessimist: Optimist
43. Liberal or Conservative: Left Wing. (the Liberal Party in Australia is the Conservative party)[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~Personal Stuff~[/background]
[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]44. How many siblings: 3
45. Married/Single/In a relationship: Married
46. Favorite thing about yourself: I can adapt easily.
47. Something you would change about yourself: My teeth.
48. Political Party? : The Greens
49. Do you have any pets: two cats
50. Do you support any causes: many
51. Favorite sport & team(player): AFL, Collingwood Football Club, Nick Maxwell. [/background]

[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]~New Stuff~[/background]
[background=rgb(251, 248, 242)]52. Favorite word to say: Frak
53. Favorite composer: Can't think of one.
54. Hiking or swimming? Swimming
55. Verbal or Ed? either/or
56. Pandy or Barm? Pandy, (sorry Barm)
57. Favorite person to tease at DM? hmm where to start? [/background]

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