2011 CapFac Winners



1. "*gasp* … wrong … *wheeze* … ball … *whimper*"
2. "Never before has the Nutcracker been preformed so brutally"
3. "Encrotchment: 6 inch penalty; redo down."

Winner: #3 - Wombat and the Shadowspawn



1. "Hell no we won't go!"
2. "Verbal and Aust, in a sticky situation. (I'll let you guess who's who)"
3. "I woulda gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and that mutt *Verb howls* Ahhh eeee ahh!"

Winner: #1 - Alaksuleiel and the Black Ajah



1. How Verbal ended up on DM: Yes, my son. We need you to go that way… . mmhm … as far as you can … don't stop until you find (what should we tell him? ooh, I've got it!) a dragon on a mountain. Yes, yes, a dragon mountain. *pause while Verbal marches off into the distance* Angelina, you can come out now. He's gone, and we'll never see him again …
2. "Dammit Verbal, stop humping that Angelina cutout or you are so grounded mister!"
3. And this was Verbal in his new dress. Everyone thought it was wonderful. (Except Krak, since right after this he decided to push Verb off the stage)

Winner: #1 - Kivam and the Black Ajah



"Blackhoof's baby picture."
"Prostate exams are never fun"

Number 2 and Piano



"The Black Ajah may be bad mothers but at least they know how to make a meal"

Submission 2:
Welcome to SS airline where we offer our passengers the very best! For supper, you may select your meal of preference. We offer veggie meals for the tree huggers, chicken for the carnivores and babies for any sacrilegious ceremonies that might have to be performed throughout the flight.

We hope you enjoy your flight in our cookpot shaped aircraft, designed to transport you to your final destination as quickly as possible.

- The SS flight team

Submission 3:
I'd like you to meet our youngest, Fajita.

Number 3 and Moon



Option A:
Behind the scenes in the DM server room

Option B:
Does it vibrate?

Option C:
You guys, I've made an amazing discovery! There is absolutely not one funny thing that you can say about a lathe!

B Haxorcist



Which caption is the funniest?
??? @ Ed (9 votes [47.37%])
Barm, JD, Demi, and Hax prepare for the upcoming Ghoulie season. (3 votes [15.79%])
It's was all fun and games until Louie crushed little Pierre with his dumbell after an unfortunate crotch shot. (7 votes [36.84%])

Winner 1 Wombat

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